Turkey is a boring bird, why have it at the Christmas feast?

We’re not, we’re having a GOOSE. However, we’ll demolish the whole thing in one lunch with only a few bits left over for a snack supper with bubble & squeak. So we need something else to feed the assembled hordes and that, is a spiced Christmas Ham.


1 Large Smoked Gammon ham, rind on, off the bone. A green Gammon can be used if you prefer. (Mine is 8 kilos ie 17 lb). Actually, I’ve done it on the bone too – it’s just that it bigger and more cumbersome.

Several pints of vegetable stock, spiced with a small handful of All Spice and several Bay leaves.

Cloves (lots of them), soft brown sugar, demerara sugar, Ginger Ale, Cider and Mustard powder.

For the final phase: 4 large unwaxed oranges. Squeezed the juice, grate the zest of the peel.


First, weigh you ham and work out how much stock you will need….

Make the vegetable stock if you haven’t already. Grate up a couple of large onions, a washed leek, a couple of large carrots, a few sticks of celery, a parsnip and some lovage if you have any. In a large pan, fry it all together in basic olive oil, tossing and stirring for a few minutes. Add a few bay leaves, a small handful of all spice, black pepper and maybe some thyme or lemon thyme. Then add the water – you’ll need several pints – enough to cover the ham when you boil it. Bring to boil and cook pretty vigorously for 10 minutes.

Ham into very big pan – add the stock, straining it. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 12 and a half minutes per pound, (30 minutes per kilo) – then let the ham sit in the stock as it cools.

Fish the ham out of the stock and then carefully strip off the skin, leaving on all the fat.

Make a series of deep incisions into the fat (not quite to the meat) across the whole ham then at right angles, making diamonds which should be about 1 inch across.

Stud the ham with cloves, putting a clove into the centre of each diamond and one in any odd triangles of fat. You want a lot of cloves…..  It should look a bit like “Pain” from “Hellraiser”.  If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, no matter, you need a LOT of cloves.

Pour some Ginger Ale over the ham, then dust with a little mustard powder and sprinkle well with soft brown sugar.

Put on a roasting tray that allows you to baste. Slam it in a hot oven 230c. fat side up for 20 – 30 minutes (according to size).

After a few minutes, pour some cider over the ham..

a few minutes later pour some ginger ale, then again orange juice.

Shut the oven double quick each time.

After this, baste with the pan juices dredging up the sugar. Repeat this, 3 times.

Take out of the oven and pile up a crust of demerara sugar and course-grated orange zest on the fat.

Return to the oven at 180c. for 30 minutes. Do NOT baste. Drink the remaining cider.

Just as good cold as hot, if not better!

I got this recipe from my mother a few years ago and it’s the delicious Christmas flavour from my childhood. I’ve never had a ham like it but I don’t think it’s an original. I’m pretty sure it came from Constance Spry and she modified it a bit.

Sorry haven’t got a photo of this. I will have after Christmas, but that, is a fat lot of use!


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